March 23, 2021

I need your help – Magnetic Stories


I am so thrilled that Magnetic Stories debuted at Number 2 in the business management category but boy oh boy would I love it to be number 1. So, there’s absolutely no pressure but I am asking for your help.

For every 10 copies you buy, you receive a free ticket to my upcoming online masterclass called Your Stories Your Brand (valued at $250) plus an additional signed and numbered copy of the book.

The Your Stories Your Brand workshop is this Thursday 25th March. So this offer, by default, ends on Wednesday.

Purchase by 24th March

Like I said no pressure, but I thought you may have some people in your team that would get value out of the book and the workshop.

You would need to purchase the books at any book retailer by TOMORROW – Wednesday 24th March and currently Amazon have the best deal for $23.07 a copy.

Once you have purchased your 10 copies, simply email Elise your receipt and she will organise the free gifts including your book and workshop registration.

I would really appreciate your support to get this baby to number 1!